The Word of God

The Bible testifies of Jesus Christ.

The Sabbath Day

This is the day that God has blessed, rested and sanctified.

The Godhead

Meet the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Nothing Offends a True Christian

Those whose hearts are established in the law of God, nothing shall offend them.

Who is Jesus

Jesus Christ, the Son of God the Father, our Saviour. Bible testifies of Him. Find out more about Him.

Perfection is our Goal

What is perfection? Is it a state of being sinless today? Find out what the Bible says what we must become. Also in Video

Communication is Key

How does heaven connect to us? How do we connect to each other? God's process of communication is the key..

Are You Ready?

The greatest test is about to happen. Are you ready?

The Lord's Supper

Breaking of the bread, drinking of the unfermented wine, washing of the feet

Gospel Order: Matthew 18

God's method to restore those who have committed sin against his brother

70 Facts about the SABBATH

Thus saith the Lord, the Sabbath day is the Lord's Holy Day.

38 Facts About Sunday

What does the Bible say regarding the 1st day of the week?

Evil Traits

These evil traits must go away from a Christian's life.

Godly Traits

These are the fruits of the Spirit that we must posses in order to enter into the Holy Kingdom of God.

Positive Traits of A Child

Unless we become as little children, we shall not enter the Kingdom. of Heaven.

Train Up a Child

Choose which road will you allow your little children to walk in? God's school system or Babylon's educational system.