Livestream Worship: December 03, 2022

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The 4 Angels Messages

God's last days' message of mercy unto a fallen and dying world is revealed in the 3 angels of Rev 14. Another angel came (Rev 18) with a loud message to call God's people to come out of Babylon.

Climate Change to Sunday Laws

The hidden agenda behind the climate change is revealed thus saith the Lord. The Pope's greatest efforts to deceive the world into believing the Earth needs a rest is now paving the way to sooner enforce a universal Sunday rest.

The Immutable Law of God

The 10 commandments of God govern the entire government of the just and holy Kingdom of Heaven where perfect love reigns. These 10 commandments are unchangeable and eternal.

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State of the Dead

What happens to a person when he dies? Find out what the Scripture says regarding this question.

The 7th-day Sabbath

Was the Sabbath abolished in the cross? What does the Scripture say regarding this? Find out why the seventh day Sabbath remain till this day and forever.

Godhead Versus Trinity

The Three Highest Powers in the Heavenly Kingdom rule this entire universe. Find out more about Them!

What Must I Do to be Saved

God has promised eternal life but what is the condition and requirements? Find out.

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